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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the science which gives machines the capability to learn and improve from experience rather than being programmed to do so. The machines use the data collected from different experiences to improve their performance and get work done more efficiently, accurately, to be able to predict.

Applying machine learning to your business requires huge data sets that aren’t always accessible, but even if they are, it’s key that that data is in a format that a machine can read.

We at Bodhtree enable and empower organizations to overcome obstacles of determining where machine learning can add value, and managing the risks of a new methodology. A holistic strategy is developed to implement ML in your company.

We provide comprehensive IoT services to our clients. We empower organizations to

1.  Simplifies Product Marketing and Assists in Accurate Sales Forecasts

ML helps enterprises in multiple ways to promote their products better and make accurate sales forecasts. ML offers huge advantages to sales and marketing sector, with the major ones being –

  • Massive Data Consumption from Unlimited Sources
  • Rapid Analysis Prediction and Processing
  • Interpret Past Customer Behaviors

2. Facilitates Accurate Medical Predictions and Diagnoses
In healthcare industry, ML helps in easy identification of high-risk patients, make near perfect diagnoses, recommend best possible medicines, and predict readmissions.

3. Simplifies Time-Intensive Documentation in Data Entry
Issues of Data duplication and inaccuracy can be significantly improved by predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms. With this, machines can perform time-intensive data entry tasks, leaving your skilled resources free to focus on other value-adding duties.

4. Improves Precision of Financial Rules and Models
ML has a significant impact on the finance sector. Some of the common machine learning benefits in Finance include portfolio management, algorithmic trading, loan underwriting and most importantly fraud detection.

5.Easy Spam Detection
With the advent of ML, spam filters are making new rules using brain-like neural networks to eliminate spam mails. The neural networks recognize phishing messages and junk mail by evaluating the rules across a huge network of computers.

6. Increases the Efficiency of Predictive Maintenance in the Manufacturing Industry
ML helps in the creation of highly efficient predictive maintenance plans. Following such predictive maintenance plans will minimize the chances of unexpected failures, thereby reducing unnecessary preventive maintenance activities.

7. Better Customer Segmentation and Accurate Lifetime Value Prediction
Accurate predictions for incentives and individual marketing offers can be easily achieved with ML. Savvy marketers now use ML to eliminate guess work associated with data-driven marketing.

8. Recommending the Right Product
ML models can analyze the purchase history of a customer and based on that they identify those products from your product inventory in which a customer is interested in. This helps in creating a superior product-based recommendation system.

Our Offerings

  • Helps organizations to develop custom solutions that process high volumes of data and run sophisticated algorithms to learn how to perform a task by themselves
  • Analyze present and past stats to forecast a company’s revenue and other such crucial metrics
  • Understand customer behavior to predict the most sought after future product/ service.

Key Differentiators

  • Strong Team to take up any requirements starting from story board to the post production support.
  • Flexibility to accept any new challenges and support API development team to build a robust solution.
  • Collaboration with various technology team to accomplish the project needs.
  • Innovation and providing world class cost effective solutions to customer.


  • R Studio
  • Python


  • Audit and Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • IT & ITES