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eSMD - Electronic Submission of Medical Documents

CMS Medicare receives 4.8 M claims per day. Claim review contractors currently receive most medical documentation in paper form or via fax. esMD automates this manual process of submitting Medical documents for claims.

Bodhtree eSMD helps you to

Safety and Security

Makes available Gateways, that ensure the esMD transactions are SAFE and SECURE as they travel from point A to point B.

Adherence to standards

The Bodhtree esMD Gateway is built using the open source CONNECT software. This solution enables secure exchange of electronic health information adhering to various Health Information Technology (HIT) interoperability standards. Currently the Gateway securely sends the electronic medical documents by various Health Information Handlers (HIHs) on behalf of the providers to CMS Gateway.

Expedited completion of work

The HIH Onboarding Process gives HIHs 23 weeks to set up and complete their validation and production environments. With Bodhtree the HIHs on-boarding process will be less than 4 weeks. We ensure our expert team help to expedite all tasks within the committed timeframe.

Ease of assessing requirements

HIHs need to refer to the “esMD HIH Implementation Guide” and the “esMD Onboarding steps” in the ‘Downloads’ section to assess the requirements.

Our team of experts have sound knowledge of CONNECT software and the Simple Object Access Process (SOAP) User Interface (UI) tool which enables us to execute better.