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HISP- Health Information Service Provider

HISP securely pushes patient healthcare information over the Internet directly to another organization, provider or patient. It’s easier than email, standards-based, fast, and is highly adaptable to your workflow.

Bodhtree HISP helps you to

Security of Data

Provides the back-end power to make sure your messages are delivered securely to the intended Direct-enabled recipient – similar to a post office delivering the mail.

Direct Email

Provide your Direct email end point.

Enable backbone transport

Enable backbone transport for HISP to HISP communications.

Establish Trust

Publish digital certificates to establish trust

Adherence to Standards and Specifications

Package message contents using Direct standards and specifications

Encrypted content

Encrypt content and attachments to secure confidentiality and integrity


Ensure authenticity of sender and recipient

Reaching the intended audience

Route the message to the intended recipient