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Engineering Services

Bodhtree Engineering Services (BES) is the division in the organization catering to product development management needs of various high-end services such as, Conceptual Engineering, Software & Firmware, Detail Design and Development, CAD support, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Engineering Change Review, Competitive Product Analysis, Re-Engineering, Prototype Building, and Product Sourcing for Organizations in Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance, Heavy Engineering, Medical and Electrical & Electronics sectors.

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Bodhtree Engineering Services (BES) is the division in the organization catering to is a team of thorough professionals in the field of engineering services. We anchor our exceptional services with an overall goal for our clients achieving world-class competitive advantage. We take keen interest in understanding our clients present and future, linear and lateral needs and provide with innovative solutions in a very short time. We augment our clients engineering resources to provide them with overall business development through our engineering services to shorten the development time bringing your product to the market faster than your competitors.We team-up to share your workloads and concurrent the work execution with your engineers or suppliers. Our expertise on Product/Tool design techniques, Manufacturing, Robust modeling practices, Complete Engineering® drawings, GD&T, Production engineering etc, makes us the prominent supplier. We strive to prove that Bodhtree is a renowned supplier with repeated orders of service.

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BES provides one stop solution to complete product life cycle requirements by way of seamless integration of Design, Customization, Engineering & Manufacturing solutions. Our Solutions and Services are tailor made to support each of the product domains like Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Appliances and Industrial Segments.




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Medical Equipment

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