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R12 Upgrade Services

Providing flexible options to simplify upgrade process

r12iconAs an Oracle Gold Partner offering a range of implementation, integration and customization services, Bodhtree can assist your organization in upgrading to R12. Bodhtree’s Enterprise Optimization Services combine technical and functional expertise to help your organization preserve existing business processes and leverage the new features of R12. We offer flexible options to simplify the upgrade process with minimal impact on productivity and maximum ROI.

Bodhtree enhances the value of an R12 upgrade project by providing:

  • A pre-upgrade assessment that defines the project scope, budget and business impact
  • Detailed technical effort documentation, including an assessment of project complexity
  • Recommendations for a technology roadmap, technical optimization and risk assessment
  • Pre-defined templates, reusable components and use of proprietary accelerators for rapid migration and faster deployment
  • Global delivery model for greater flexibility and cost-effective delivery

Check how Appscale enables faster Technical Assessment resulting in reduction of effort, timeline and overall upgrade costs by 50%


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