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Customer support


Connect with your customer across channels and improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and providing an enriching customer experience are imperative to any business. In the realm of customer service, mobile and cross-channel access are becoming increasingly important. Your customers want to be able to start a conversation on one channel, whether it be chat, email or a social network, and then seamlessly transition to a completely different channel depending on the type of service they need. Not only are your customers looking for flexible support, but their channel preferences are also changing to favour electronic and self-service rather than phone service.

Bodhtree’s customer support solution deployed on Salesforce Service Cloud helps organizations provide self-service and multi-channel support as well as engage your customers on social media channels.

  • Centralized information in the cloud to eliminate redundancies
  • 360 degree view of customer data
  • Improved response time for query resolution
  • Facilitates seamless collaboration – live discussions between community members
  • Continuous product improvement through ongoing customer feedback
  • Equip agents with collaboration tools
  • Transparency in data transactions