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Integrated Leave and Performance Appraisal Management System

Automate your leave and appraisal management process and improve workforce productivity.

Bodhtree’s Leave and Appraisal Management System (LMS) is an easy-to-use and efficient web-based application that completely automates the leave and performance appraisal management processes. It allows employees to apply for leaves online, check leave balances, and view their leave history at any point in time and approve/reject leaves based on business requirements. With Bodhtree’s LMS, supervisors can approve or escalate scenarios to higher levels, and HR can update leave status online.

The system also automates the performance appraisal process. Users can view their performance measurement criteria, assess their own performance, and submit their applications to their reporting managers for review and feedback. Reporting managers can review and provide feedback using the appraiser comments feature and submit the application to a reviewer where he would provide high level feedback to the employee. In addition, employees can define their short and long term goals and request for support and training through this system. Appraisers can also recommend actionable feedback and trainings to their direct reports for performance improvement.

Key Features
  • Reporting managers can approve or reject leave requests online
  • Leave balances are calculated automatically
  • Centralized leave data
  • Highly configurable
  • Approval workflows and reminders
  • 360 degree performance review – self-assessment, appraiser comments, reviewer comments and project specific feedback
  • Comprehensive US calendar
Key Benefits
  • Online leave application & approval
  • Online access to leave balances and leave transactions
  • Track team’s leave history and balance
  • Auto credit leaves to an individual’s account
  • Reduce paper work