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The impact of technology on energy markets has profoundly affected costs and quality of supplying energy services. One kilowatt-hour of electricity can today be delivered to individual households at a much lower price, with greater regularity, with less variance in frequency, and often with less harm to the environment than only 2 or 3 decades ago.

New technologies have conveyed to the market new types of vitality, for example, atomic power and sun based energy. To judge by momentum research work (R&D) endeavors, future energy choices may incorporate hydrogen, energy components, enhanced atomic power plans, and, not minimum, changes in ordinary technologies that can radically modify their operational qualities.

Bodhtree’s ability in Energy arrangements of action give overhauled detectable quality into your operations and streamline your landing on present theories. By using significant industry expertise and using IT to modify strategies and applications to business framework, Bodhtree can enable you to streamline generation forms, improve stock system noticeable quality and accelerate time to market.

A few examples of our solutions

Solution provided to a company in the clean energy sector. Periodic AOP vs Estimated vs Actual power generation at machine and project level was enabled. This solution provides a 360-degree view of all the activities of wind towers.

Easy identification for timely countermeasures before a problem manifests has helped in reducing machine downtime. Forecasting efficiency, operations and performance improved due to clear visibility of data which was earlier residing in multiple silos.

Eliminated 25 percent of the legacy reports. Reduced the cost of data management Optimized visualizations for a single source of truth.