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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare CIOs are constantly on the look out to implement and maintain systems that enhance access, improve the quality of care, and control costs. The IT organization is expected to implement systems that seamlessly integrate with the increasingly connected care environment, while responding to an evolving regulatory and business environment. Payer organizations are focusing on bridging the gap between funding and medical costs. Providers, medical centers and pharmacies are devising strategies to deliver value to patients while generating desired financial results.



Over the last few years, the Pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing multiple challenges such as stringent Government regulations, new pricing policies..

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Healthcare Payers

The cost of managing chronic diseases is 5 times more than the average healthcare cost. Healthcare Payers are increasingly looking for advanced solutions..

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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare organizations are seeking ways to improve their workflows and information management for quicker admissions and discharges..

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Bodhtree’s extensive experience in healthcare industry enables us to deliver powerful solutions that elevate the quality of care while reducing healthcare costs. As an emerging organization, we help our clients replace their ageing, legacy tools with flexible cloud-based applications that allow them to enhance the overall patient experience.

With our extensive industry experience we have enabled renowned providers, (hospitals), payers and pharmaceutical companies to implement affordable, value-based technology solutions Bodhtree has a broad services portfolio covering critical areas of population health management, healthcare analytics, portal/mobile based telehealth patient engagement frameworks, application integration and cloud services.

Bodhtree’s customers also benefit from our regulatory center of excellence, a healthcare competency center – headed by industry experts, including HIPAA, PMP certified professionals and delivery teams supported by doctors and scientific researchers. Bodhtree has trusted partnerships with Napier for Hospital Information System and BI Analytics.