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With the positive transformations that technology has brought in to fields such as education, healthcare, banking and employment, there is no doubt that it has a role to play in ushering sustainable development in the NGO sector as well. Technology will help the sector to scale up operations. Makes the employees and volunteers more efficient.

Increase in reaching the target audience becomes more easy and affordable through the usage of technology. Given the multifaceted nature and interconnectedness of supportability issues, be that as it may, skillful NGOs will progressively work together with each other and reach the common goal in shorter time.

To date, most NGOs have utilized informal organizations as a specialized device. Combining that philanthropic spirit with a growing tech startup economy and a solid Internet infrastructure, the NGO sector in Asia is rapidly advancing its use of online technology

A few examples of our solutions

Bodhtree enabled the NGO to manage their Applications, Grants and Donors. Time reduction upto 80% was possible due to this and the communication to the Applicants and Grantee Partners was made easier using the Workflow(Email Notifications) which made communications with the Grantee partners, 100% automated.​ Donor and Doantion Details could be made available at the click of a button.